Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adam Kent Featured Photographer

Optical Ocean Sales' Adam Kent is one of the featured photographers in the March/April edition of PNW Diver. Adam is our sales Associate and Shipping Manager.

Here's some excerpts:
"I currently live in Northgate Seattle, but grew up in Lake Stevens. I have been diving for 11 years now and have been doing underwater photography for 8 years. My love of diving has brought me from an Open Water Certified Diver to an Assistant Instructor for PADI, with the intentions of becoming an Instructor at some point in the future.

I started from taking photos with a cheap disposable underwater film camera during my family vacations. Some of my favorite dive sites around here are the Mulkiteo T-dock, Keystone Jetty, Edmonds Underwater state Park, and the Edmonds Oil Dock when it was still around. There are so many dive sites in the Seattle area that I would love to dive if only I had enough time. Some things that I have learned over the years is to keep trying no matter what, when you first start out don’t be afraid to ask for help from others, and keep taking photos no matter how critical your inner voice is.
Recently I have shot with the E-PL7, E-M1, E-M5 camera using Olympus housings and the Sony A-7 with a Nauticam housing. With these set ups I shot with 2 Sea & Sea YS-D1’s, or the Olympus ULF-3 with the Fix Neo 1200, and a Light and Motion 800 for my lighting set ups.
Adam doing some camera testing.

Some of the best and worst decisions that I have seen others make with their set ups have been related to their lighting choices. At Optical Ocean Sales we have never had someone come back to us saying that we have sold them too much light power. We figure out what people are planning on shooting or what they are planning on taking video of and then recommend the best lighting set up for their needs. Ranging from setting up a beginner with the TG-3 camera and housing with a YS-03 lighting package to a pro/amateur videographer with the Gates Housings for the Sony AX100 with two Kelden 8X Video lights"