Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five New UW Photo Products We Like & Stock!

Here's just 5 of the many new exciting products that we've recently added! We've also updated and added many new System Packages. We'll have lots more new products coming after DEMA, stay tuned soon for more!

Nauticam WWL11. Nauticam Wet Wide Lens 1 This new "wet" optic from Nauticam is revolutionary in that it can be used with a wide variety of cameras; compacts like the Sony RX100 III and IV, or Pansonic LX-100, as well as Olympus and Panasonic m4/3rds with a small pancake 14-42mmEZ lenses, and even the Full-Frame Sony A7II with their 28mm lens. It's a 67mm mount and has amazing, sharp corners and about 120° FOV (varies with camera lens).
$995includes covers and a carrying case.

Saga Double Flip Holder2. Saga Dive Single and Double Flip
Diopter Holders
These high-quality flip diopter macro lens holders fit any 67mm threaded port, including Sea & Sea, SEACAM, Nauticam, Olympus, and others. Double version holds two lenses at the ready! Anodized aluminum with spring loaded "de-dents" that hold it open or closed.
Single: $229.95 Double: $294.95

10Bar Snoot with Laser Aiming Light3. 10Bar Strobe Snoot with Laser
Aiming Light
This aluminum snoot fits tightly to the front of the YS-D1 or YS-D2 strobe and has 5 sizes of openings. Used to shape the light to smaller amounts and direct it on or near the subject, snoots are very popular, as they eliminate background lighting and backscatter behind the subject. But they can be hard to aim.
Now 10Bar has added a laser aiming light with an auto shut-off. When the strobe fires, a small fiber optic cord turns the laser off, then back on automatically. There are 5 opening rings that screw off to adjust the light opening.
Read a review by "Go Ask Erin"!
S&S YS-D1/D2 model: $224.95 Inon z240 model: $199.95

Fantasea RX100IV Housing4. Fantasea RX-100III/IV Housing Made from high impact carbonate plastic, controls for all functions are labeled, ranked at different heights and easy-to-use. We like the design and quality of these value-priced housings. The round port allows it to be used with wide angle lenses. The camera just drops in and it comes with a leak detector, hand strap, diffuser, screen shade and port cover. Fits RX100III & IV $495

10Bar Arm Floats5. 10Bar Closed Cell Arm Floats
10Bar Arm FloatsHigh Density Foam Buoyancy Floats fit on lighting arms to provide a more neutrally buoyant system. Rubber stoppers slide on arms to for secure attachment. Closed cell foam sheds water and won't distort or flood at depth. Available in 3 sizes and as 8" or 11" arms.
Floats are $20-31.50/2 Pack, Arms $59.95

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Five New UW Photo Products You've Got to Try!